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    Yup. Kind of like a Bio-Pak. Actually has a small O2 bottle and a lot of filters. Mixes some exhausted air with the O2 I believe. They were mostly for HazMat situations where a longer duration bottle was needed.
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    The Draeger BG-4 supplies the wearer with safe breathing air for up to 4 hours in IDLH environments. The BG-4 gives the user time in extended-duration missions - time to target, time to get the job done and time to get back safe.

    Commonly referred to as a rebreather, the closed-circuit breathing apparatus operates on a proven model of efficiency; by removing carbon dioxide, recycling unused oxygen and supplying fresh oxygen from a cylinder. Light-weight and comfortable, the BG-4 weighs less than most 60-minute SCBAs. Its positive pressure design provides the user with effortless and quiet breathing.

    Ideal for almost any application, the BG-4 has a reinforced carbon fiber shell, allowing it to withstand even the toughest missions. Its low profile design makes it easy to use inside chemical protective suits or outside bunker gear.

    The Draeger BG-4 is ideally suited for extended duration operations such as Domestic Preparedness, Haz-Mat response, High-rise search and Tunnel Rescue.

    This was added after my BONES and my original post below.

    (ORIGINAL POST) This looks like a Draeger Duo-set SCBA. The cylinders are encased for protection I would imagine. I saw them a few years ago in the UK. I think they are changeable to a single cylinder as well.

    I think the concept is good, however with your new gear shedding a lot more heat until it reaches critical... couple this with more air... as well as insufficient training... sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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    We still have Draeger BG-174 Oxygen BA's in operation on our Protective Equipment vans..... They haven't been used operationally in ages, however are kept for confined space rescue and prolonged hazmat incidents where standard CABA with airlines isn't appropriate for the task at hand..... I actually don't know of any local FF's who are still current in their operation, only staff who work at the stations that house the PE vans are trained now, i believe...

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