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    Thumbs down What the hell is the Navy doing?

    Commander, Navy Installations Attempts To Censor Union Web Sites Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2004 by IAFF F254

    Today the Acting Regional Fire Chief’s Deputy ordered the President of this Local to deactivate our privately funded and union owned web site. This was at the direction of Commander Navy Installations Webmaster. The disclaimer / legal information on the sites ownership can be found on the bottom of every page of our site. This is yet another attempt by CNI to control, harass and intimidate the Officers and Membership of this Local and unions in general. Be aware that we will not be pressured by these means. This Local does not take orders or directions from anyone within the US NAVY. Therefore, all matters related to this interference in Union activities and related issues are now being handled by the attorneys representing the IAFF.

    If the Commander, Navy Installations would like to discuss this matter any further this local suggest they first contact the Human Resources Office (Labor Relations) at the Naval District Washington for an education before shooting themselves in the foot and possibly committing an Unfair Labor Practice.
    IAFF Vice President Response to "CNI" Censorship Attempt Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2004 by IAFF F254

    We have been informed that Navy officials from CNI have ordered one or possibly more of our IAFF Locals to shut down their union funded web sites. At this point we have no idea why the Navy would issue such an order or why they would think that they can sensor and restrict union activities on web sites operated by our locals. The IAFF objects to any infringement on the First Amendment Rights of our officers and members and we will take any necessary action to protect those rights should action become necessary.

    James B. Johnson
    Vice President
    International Association of Fire Fighters
    16th District
    "U.S. and Canadian Federal Locals"
    1750 New York Ave. NW. Suite 300
    Washington D.C. 20006
    937-470-4340 ph
    937-429-5536 fax

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    And so it continues..... I've been keeping tabs on some of the issues involving the navy, and the only thing missing seems to be the circus music.

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    Devildog, I checked into your situation a little further and found out that because of "terrorist stuff" they are taking protective measures. ie. websites, public information.... anything they may use to gather information. I know we just had a pow-wow that basically said if someone is asking questions about the department...you know nothing. Makes you think who is winning the war.

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