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    Default The trusty pocket knife, who has one and what does it mean to you?

    Whilst at the station the other day I was using my pocket knife to open a envelope. Seeing this one of my brethren exclaimed "Damn "B" where did you get that piece of crap?" He was talking of course of the highly used and somewhat ratty Swiss Army Knife I was using.

    Shortly before moving to the US it was a gift to me from a wildly tenacious Aunt of mine who was single and had the means to travel the world at her leisure. She was a awsome woman and a great friend who a few years ago was taken by the ravages of cancer. I can remember the exact day and time she presented me with that simple yet treasured knife of mine. Since that day I have carried that knife in my right pant pocket and felt lost if for some reason I forget it. It it quite simple in design but the value of that knife to me cannot be explained. I have used that thing a million times from opening mail to small road repairs on my HOG.

    After explining this my homeboy then presented his pocket knife for my inspection that was given to him by his father. After a short roll call of knives in the station it would seem that everyone at work that day had some little knife that had some treasured meaning.

    So who else out there has one and what does it mean to you??


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    I carry a Swiss Army knife, too. Mine was a gift from my oldest son who picked it out himself and gave it to me on fathers day when he was five.

    I'd just about choose driving over flying for the sole reason that I'd have to be without my knife.

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    MO - Funny I was just going through my "junk" draw and I came across my old swiss army knife from Boy Scouts.

    Today I carry a stainless steal Smith&Wesson, extreme ops - front left pocket. Goes everywhere w/me. No sentimental value, just would never leave home w/out it. I also have the new leatherman - pulse. Great tool, actually I have two. One for the truck/boat and one for work.


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    I carry an original Gerber Multi-tool (ala: 1988), that I purchased the day before I started my military basic training. Four buddies and I all picked one up on the advice of an old Sgt., and I still have it and carry it to this day.

    Every now and again, I see the fancy new ones on sale, and think how nice the new fangled toys would be, but I just can't see myself through to replacing it. It has seen me through mud filled obstacle courses and barbed wire fences, the smokiest and nastiest of fire training, and more than a few structural fires, backcountry rescues, and mva's.

    I don't know what I would do without it.
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    I had an old Buck that had been my Grandfather's before he died. Like others here, I carried it with me all the time. I got busted up on a fire years ago, and it got lost in the course of my "visit" in the ER. I won't carry anything like that with me again. I carry a simple Smith & Wesson knife now, and if I lose it or break it, no biggie. I'll buy another.
    Steve Gallagher
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    I have a leatherman that has no sentimental value. You kind of make me feel bad about not having any meaning behind it though.

    On the other hand I have a 13" KA-BAR with a 7 inch blade. Just makes feel a connection to the "Old Corps" of Marines in the Pacific theater, Korea, and Vietnam. About as sentimental as I am going to get.
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    I carry a Leatherman Super Tool whenever I'm working........ Once in awhile I'll carry a Smith & Wesson wannabe when I'm not working... No sentimental value for either.......

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    Hey, Hooligan
    Your knife should be carried in your
    LEFT pants pocket as sbfdco1 stated.

    Why do you always have to be different.


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    Add me to the list of Leatherman Supertool users. The original Leatherman is nice, too, because it is slim enough to fit in my pant's pocket.

    I have a Gerber single blade with 1/2 serrated blade in my turnout - not any sentimental value, just a tool. Someone swiped the Cold Steel folding Tanto I had in my turnout

    My four blade (the real Swiss Army issue knife) is tucked away in a drawer. It served throughout my childhood, and my grandma brought it back for me from a trip through Europe. It is funny how that knife with four blades (knife, awl, can opener, straight screwdriver) morphed into the swiss army knife with spoons, forks, magnafying glass, tweezers, etc.

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    1. Was a cheapo multi tool I got at Wal-Mart for $4.50, no real past to it. It has done details and a few calls with me,I like it cause it has different bits in the holder. It is a bit heavy on your belt for everyday use.

    2. This a S&W 24/7 edition, I use this for everything and it is always with me.

    3. This was a gift from my girlfriend. Its a benchmade rescue knife. I have worn it on details, but havent used it in "combat" yet accept to open an IBC rootbeer during the fire works detail. It has a St. Florian charm on the chain.

    4. AHHHHH now this is going back to 1996, I was in 6th grade and this was the first ever pocket tool I owned and it never left my side until the holder broke in 98,now it lives in my car console.

    5. Got this one at tools and more in Seattle. Just happend to be going through and saw a 2 for $10 sale. So I bought it and gave the other to a freind, it has carried me from 98 till this March when I bought #1.

    As a rule for pocket tool I try not to spend more than $15 cause they will break,bend,dull or more likey get lost. A fellow dept. member bought a nice $70 Leatherman super duper wore it to one detail at the beach and lost it..........I guess there is some lucky hermit crab out there now.
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    Pocket knife?

    The sharpest object they let me handle is a red rubber ball! LOL

    Seriously.. I have a Leatherman tool.
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    I have a swiss army knife, give to me in 1991 and my grandfathers kbar from wwII and korea. Dam good knifes. The swiss army is about to be retired and put oos. I just got a $50 gerber locking blade knife, darn good, but it does not have all the cool stuff that the swiss had. My knifes mean alot to me. They have some of my blood and sweat in them. Lots of repairs, and countless wilderness camping trips.
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    Default Rescue Knife

    I carry a Eickhorn Solingern rescue type knife that I got about 6 years ago as a gift. It has a seatbelt cutter and a small point on it that can be used as a window punch. They sell a Glass Master version of the same knife at www.TheFirestore.com for a decent price. I've used it numeous times on duty and love it. I carry it with me everywhere I go. Before that I carried a Smith & Wesson "SWAT" with me. I actually wore it out from use and had to get the rescue one.

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    Small folding clasp knife, vintage from my Father. He used it in the Boy Scouts, and is now 70 years old.

    No manufacturers stamp on it, but it holds an edge better than most other knives I have seen. And NO it does not go in my gear on calls, it is way to special for that.

    Other one is a 1916 Lee Enfield 12 inch blade bayonet. Issued to a NZ soldier during WWI. Taken off a gang member years later by my Father (NZ Police for 29 years) during a fight in a shopping mall car park. He got it back after the court case and kept tucked away for years. Presented it to me on the day of my Passing Out Parade in the military.

    The reason it is so special is because I was a small 8 year old boy watching my Father take on two gang members that night in the car park. The fight started right in front of us as we were walking back to the car, I was left with a bystander and he sorted the two mongrels off the victim.

    Learnt a lot about life and compassion from that Man over the years.

    Thanks for bring back the memories Mo.
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    On duty... ALWAYS a Leatherman SuperTool and a Spyderco Endura clipit folder with half serrated edge.
    Off Duty... ALWAYS a CRKT model M16 "small" folder. A good knife or multitool is an indispensible item. Besides that, I'm a knife freak and have quite a collection of interesting blades. No sentimental value, but they are all trusted companions. Years ago, I had a Randall model 14 which I bought while in Orlando from Gary Randall himself. Unfortunately this was before I had as many stripes on my arm as I do now. I got poor and the knife had to go to feed the bulldog. One of my saddest days...
    Brian Rowe
    Colleton County Fire/Rescue

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    Well my everyday carry knife is I beleive a WWII US army soldier pocket knife. It has just a single blade with a US in the middle. My grandfather gave me that when I was ten. I carry it everywhere except on duty.

    When I am on duty I carry a Smith&Wesson Firefighter knife, Gerber Recoil Tool and a Smith&Wesson First response knife in my bunkers.
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    I use a 007 Lock Blade...simple and cheap...applee know as a "Bums Blade" or "Pig Sticker"....it came out of the Lower East Side of New York City in 1978...I have had it ever since....My dad gave it to me....they were very common in those days....I basically a giant razor blade....cant really pry with it but it cuts just about anything....and if need be I can use it to shank the hell out off some slapnutz...
    IACOJ Member

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    Knives go in your right front pocket!!!!!!!!!
    I have many that are special and alot that are not
    My every day knife right now is a little 3" buck
    given to me by one of my best friends. I just got
    a new truck and while empting out the old truck
    found at least 10 knives and multi tools.Its amazing
    how much stuff ends up in a truck.

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    My knife is in my right front pocket because my smokes and zippo are in my left. ZEEEEEESH I thought everyone knew that.

    and if need be I can use it to shank the hell out off some slapnutz...
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    Default my trusty knife

    My trusty knife is a Kershaw, with a three inch blade. It is either in my right pocket or slipped into my right boot if I am wearing a skirt. A good friend of mine gave it to me as a gift for my 18th b-day. He took it first and had my name engraved on it. He is over in Iraq right now.
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