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    hey every one. I was just wondering if anyone has any words of advice and how to get started in the a career in firefighting. I currently live in Colorado and just rescently recieved my EMT-B certification. Am not sure on how to go about applying. Should i wait till fire departments post hireing ads or try to contact them to get my name in there. Thanks for any help offered Brien

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    My advice to you would be go talk to your local dept and find out what their hiring process is....Some depts might require you too complete firefighting training before you apply...Its always different
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    Default Here is a place to start

    Hello there Brien, Welcome to the forums. I too am from Colorado. You can check w/ your local department to see what their policy is and you should also check out DRCOG . DRCOG (pronounced Dr. Cog) is a single test for 15 different departments in the Metro area. The departments that are not listed in DRCOG have their own test and should be contacted to see what their policy is.
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    Default 2 cents...

    Hello- Testing for fire departments both local and out of the
    area is a total life style. If sounds funny, but literally
    hundreds of candidates (including myself) have radically
    changed their lives in pursuit of the badge. I put off
    marriage, kids, buying a house, etc. From flying all
    over the western US, to rental cars, hotel room and just
    plain sleeping on the concrete over night to get an
    application in with a couple other hundred. Just to get
    that one job, that badge.

    Now, I HIGHLY want to suggest 2 websites to visit. If you
    dont, trust me, your competition IS! People exchange ideas and
    information daily. Fire careers is a job posting service that
    you have to subscipt to. For $7 a month, it is worth getting
    the posted jobs DAILY off of your computer.

    Here they are-

    PLEASE email me or post some questions in here.

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