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    Question Static charges deploying airbags

    We were sitting around having a general pow wow about vehicle extrication today and the issue of accidentally deployed airbags came up. The conversation drifted to static charges potentially deploying airbags, and then we started wondering about grounding out a vehicle to prevent them. Does anyone else do this? Is there a preferred method? Is it just a meaningless effort? What is it that can build up that static charge, and how is it transfered to the sensors causing deployment?

    Any help with this issue is appreciated, and I'd like to thank anyone in advance for providing this information.



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    It could happen: a 9 volt battery will blow them..BUT you would have to have both wires to the bag exposed and be touching one and then the other, not very likley. If disconnected at the connector there are shorting bars that short both wires together to prevent a miss fire. You are the static charge so ground yourself,just touch metal on the vechicle.

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