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    Exclamation Regarding TX Lieutenant Firing

    Just following orders, Sir.

    Commanding officers are held to a higher level of accountability at the City of Southlake, at least that’s what Public Safety director Rick Black wants the public to believe. After an incident at Carroll High School, the City of Southlake finds itself in a predicament involving its fire services. The way they chose to fix this was by firing an officer and suspending two others... but the ones directing those punished were merely looked over. If what Black said was legitimate, shouldn’t Black himself be punished and the chief of fire services Robert Finn be held to the same accountability as everyone else?

    When asked to spray down the Carroll band and color guard in August, commanding officers of the City of Southlake gave orders to Lieutenant Jeff Powell. There is no protocol for hosing down band members and color guards, and this was the first time it had been done with the department. Engineer Cliff Altom said in a report that ‘equipment on trucks should not be used on people--- that it is designed to be used on inanimate objects.’ However, following the orders of their commanders, Powell and Altom proceeded to the site of the ‘hose down’.

    Reports criticize the firemen for not using better precautions, and better judgment when it came to hose pressure. However, be reminded that there is no protocol for civilian hose downs, and there never was a test run on teenagers to see the reaction of certain pressures of water. But yet, following the orders of their commanders, Powell and Altom suffer the severe consequences of bad judgment from the top.
    What makes the whole situation even more suspicious than what is known is that the fireman suspended for longer than a day and the Lieutenant terminated are apart of the Association of Firefighters at Southlake. The Association is in place to protect the rights of fireman and something the commanders at Southlake have been against since talks began of establishing a chapter at Southlake. Altom and Powell are members of Local 4243, Southlake’s Firefighters Association; Starr the Captain was suspend for one day and coincidently enough is not a member of the association.

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    Default I agree, seeking truth

    You may be seeking truth, but it seems as if our elected officials never do! I am right in the big middle of a political mess that has resulted in 2,800 square miles of Texas to not have an ambulance service in the center of it, but rather 30 miles from the population center. It seems that our elected officials only do what they see as the correct thing to do for their career.

    I am a volunteer chief, not even paid a stipend for calls, but support the IAFF and hope that they can work a political miracle for this guinea pig that used to be a liuetenant. My thoughts and prayers go out to this soldier and his family.

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    It is a shame that a Lt. that truly loves the profession that many of us here belong has to be forced out because he followed a direct order. I am SURE the he and his family(both at home and the firehouse) covets your prayers. We can only hope that
    justice will prevail.

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