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    Default any help on this one?

    I finally took my first written test last week, but here is the situation:

    When the announcement came out regarding the written test it stated that they would accept CPAT tests up to October 26th. Of course when I registered for the CPAT my test date was 11/7. When I arrived to take the written test they actually were turning people away for having dates later than the 10/26 test date, but for some reason they never questioned me, I took the test, passed, and was invited back for an interview next week on 10/27. So I tried to call the CPAT testing and get it changed, but they claimed that 8 weeks is mandatory in between orientation and the actual test.

    My question is...is there a way to get them to waive the '8 week' rule and allow me to take it on the 26th? If not should I still go to the interview and see what happens or try and go to city hall this week and try and discuss it?

    sorry such a long post, thanks for the help.

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    It sounds like the department will waive their CPAT for a candidate that has successfully passed (and can provide evidence) another departments CPAT within the past year up until October 26th of last year (i.e. I would have to retake theirs, even though I passed CPAT 2 years ago).

    Doesn't sound like something to stress about. They gave you a test, and now you have a date for CPAT. Run, run, run, workout, and run some more.

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