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    Exclamation "Can Rural Vol. Fire Departments make extra positions"

    Yes, I just started trying to get on with my Vol. fire department, and i was wondering can they make a extra opening for me if all the positions are taken. It is a Texas Vol. fire department The Cheif and Assistant chief get paid full time. What we do is every 2nd friday of the month there is a meeting and if there is a opening they interview the candidates and pick one, this will be my 5th time to try to get on and I was wondering can they make a exception and make a extra position.

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    Your department is a rarity these days in that you have many volunteers. As the recruiter for a department noth of Houston We seem to never have enough people to volunteer.

    My suggestion would be to speak to some of the members to sponsor you as a new recruit. Once you get this sponsorship ask that member to speak to the officers all the way up to the Cief about the assets you will bring to the department.

    Good luck. Keep me posted.

    S.P. Norman

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