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    Default Canadian Minute To Be Lengthened

    It has just been reported that Prime Minister Paul Martin will be introducing a bill to lengthen the Canadian Minute. Although this has been rumored for some time it appears to be finally coming to fruition.

    I urge all Americans to contact their Congressman and urge him or her to oppose this legislation. In addition to giving Canadians an obvious trade imbalance with the United States, this bill if enacted will allow Canadians a leg up on such things as International trade and Commerce. By enacting the Canadian Minute Bill, Canadians would thus have access to information sooner Americans would not due to their shorter minute.

    Act now as this move would have obvious disastrous effects on the American economy.
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    I think a longer minute would be great for the economy and the amount of sleep I get. Imagine a 75 second minute... thats an extra 2 minutes of sleep!

    However it would just make the shifts longer.....

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