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    Default Pump test from dump tank

    Hopefully this link will post. <http://www.ul.com/firetalk/Summer2004.pdf>

    It is to Underwiters Labs at www.ul.com/firetalk. They show drafting from a 3,000 gal dump tank. The article says that UL is now testing this way for up to a 2,000 gpm pump. Has anyone ever tested like this? It must meet the NFPA 1911 or UL would not be doing it that way.

    It would be easier for us than trying to get to the lake to test. The lake works okay, but we sometimes make ruts in the sod and have to worry about diesel exhaust onto the water. Our primers use oil and the oil/water discharge has to be dealt with to keep it off of the ground and water.

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    I actually work for a company that has the fourth one of these units built. It is the easiest way to test pumps. nfpa says the max lift is 10 feet but does not limit the low end. on the average pump the lift from the tank is about 3 feet. it has a manifold with a flow meter and then returns to the tank. by reading the flow the rpms and pressure figuring all friction loss the numbers and right on. here in az, the only problem we had was heating of the water. testing when it was 100 outside at 8 am and the fact the water in the system to fill was 90 it was difficult to keep it cool. we ran continus water and maintained our water temp. if you start with 70 degree water you can in theory do 3 tests and have to ciruculate the water with fresh. i can give you more info if you want email me at firetruckfixer@cox.net. thanks jeff

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