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    Default Question about criminal history

    Hey all. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this. I was issued a "Summons For a Summary Case Non Traffic" about a year ago. Basically I was in business with a friend, he owes me 2 grand for a contract. I kept calling him, writing him, was getting no responses till I received this. Since than I stopped it and just wrote it off. I pleaded guilty, since I had done those things. I am about to apply to PGFD, to live in a house while attending classes, and wanna know if this will come up in their background check and possibly be a reason for them not to accept my application. I just hope this wont come back to bite me in the @$$. Thanks for any insight you guys can shed on this for me.

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    Default hey...

    I am not quite sure about your situation. Usually any criminal
    history would come up in a background interview. There might
    be some lines to fill out on the application, but expect to
    explin some things at the interview if you get one.

    Capt. Bob has the answers to these and many other questions
    at www.eatstress.com

    Hope that helps.

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