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    Default where to find written test study guides

    I am 20 years old and I am taking my first written test this year. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get some study guides for the tests and maybe even some tips. I appreciate any help that is offered.

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    Default study guide

    Did you try the book store yet? Barnes and Noble has several under civil service testing. Good ones are written by Barrons, and Arco. Also, typically the place were you are testing at will offer tutorial programs which I suggest taking, as well as, packets. Call them up and ask.

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    I used a site a while back that worked perfectly for me. It has a free section and a paid section. I used the free section for a while but got most of the benefit from the paid section. Check it out.
    It has a whole free study guide section for firefighters, emts, paramedics and more.. too much to list. just check it out and if you think its cool post back to this thread. Oh yea.. there is nothing else on the web like this place


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    Post library

    I went to the library and picked up a great book called "Barron's Fire Fighter Exams" by James J. Murtagh. I have been doing all the tests in them and I am learning very quickly where my strengths and weaknesses are. They have all sorts of editions. Hoepfully you can grab one adn read through.

    Have Fun!


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    Still the best preparation you can do is through www.fireprep.com

    You can read more information from about test taking here:

    Captain Bob


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