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    Default RIT Equipment

    What equipment does your department have specifically for your RIT team. I am looking to put together some equipment for our dept. I am taking some ideas from work but was wondering what everyone else has. Thanks Lilyogi

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    Default Rit

    Well it seems everyone has there own system, but this is what we have.

    #Scott Air-Pac w/ facepiece
    Roof saw ( any saw that will cut)
    Set of Irons (not golf clubs)
    Large and Small pry bar.
    Hand held wire cutters
    #Radio w/ spare battery
    Water Cannon ( we use foam in ours)
    *2 50ft sections rescue rope w/ 4 benners
    *4 tow like straps ( webbing works well) 5ft long
    2 litebox flash lights
    plus whatever each FF has on his person for personal use

    # Scott RIT-Pac bag
    * Rope bag in Scott bag

    We use a stokes basket to get this to a staging area. If you only have 2 guys, a basket makes it easier to carry. We try and have a 4 man RIT team if all possible.

    We are still making changes to are RIT Equipment, But this is what we started with.

    I know someone will have to give there 2 cents are why dont we do this or that, but I am just trying to help. Stay Safe
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    Default Gonna need a bigger truck

    We are just starting to get into EMS and RIT stuff. For RIT all we have is a spare high pressure bottle and a mulit-tool in the bag. And our EMS stuff is encroaching on everything else. We haven't even put our jaws on our truck and we have very little cribbin gon the truck for accidents.
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