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    Default Hard and Soft Protection

    I'm curious what everyone uses for hard and soft protection for patients in vehicles.

    I noticed Big Tree using some larger "panels" (wood? poly?)... curious if these were home-made or ordered somewhere.

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    I've used an aluminized blanket previously. It can be washed after use and retain it's protective properties. Great for flash protection. Its available from Special Service and Supply.
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    At the risk of becoming a commercial. I have developed a "PPB" Patient Protection Board. It is an industrial grade vinyl with hard stiffeners sealed between the layers of vinyl. It folds down into a 5" X 8" zippered pouch, but opens to a 30" x 48" pleated blanket. Hard protection does not bend and soft protection does not offer impact protection. This gadget does both. Hard but flexible protection for the torso, and a soft flap over the head and medic. It has been used quite a bit over the past two TERC comp seasons with positive feed back. No new pictures of it on my website yet, but if you wish more info send me an email at zmagrescue@aol.com.


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    We use hard plastic "teardrop" RTA shields for protecting casualties from glass breaking etc,as they can be moved about as we go and soft protection in the form of plastic decorators sheeting to cover casualties as we found that what distressed them more than being cut out of vehicles was being in the dark or covered over in something where they could'nt see out at what was going on around them. Very cheap and effective.

    Recently we took deleivery of some Kevlar magnetised coverings for posts which are in the form of a bag with magnetic strips at the open end, as well as a large sheet type which can be used to protect either the casualty or a large area liked after windscreen removeal
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