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    Hey. I guess this is where I should write this. Today I came back from a really bad fire and it got me thinking about what would of happened if I didnt come back. Two story, three alarm blaze, was doing search on second floor, the floor gave out, and I fell through the floor, set off the PASS, and was pulled out in less than 1 min. Went to er, they said i was ok, just have a little brusing on my leg. I sat done and started to write a letter to my fiance, parents, family, the guys at the house. I was going to give it to the chief to put in my file, my question is, is this wrong or am i over reacting or what? i know its kind of grimm and all but i think its better to be prepared.

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    I wrote similar letters to the wife and kids should something happen to me. It is in a sealed envelope that I have given to one of my closest friends to give to her should I not come home some day. It has my last requests and a few words of encouragement to maybe help ease their pain.

    I am sure there are more of us than not, who have done something similar.

    Glad to hear you are alright and feel free to PM me if you need to talk to someone.
    Stay alert and be safe.

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