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    Like George says, you get what you pay for.
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    Originally posted by RescueMe7
    [If it was your house burning down or your family member in a MVA, you would be bitching if the FF's took 10 minutes to get to the station and then took another 5 mins to get on scene.
    Nah, I'd be blaming myself for:
    1. Not paying enough taxes to support a qaulified, timely response.
    2. Not moving to an area that had those resources.
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    Originally posted by mittlesmertz

    Wow, this summs it up quite well: someone honking their horn, driving aggressively, and going 90 miles an hour is SAFE because they have a green light in the dash?
    This post tells me exactly where your mind set is. I feel so safe now.
    that's called an exageration. that's an extreme case, used to elicit a worst case scenario. and I never said it was safe, only that a person might understand it a little clearer if the driver had the light. and to be quite honest, with your attitude, I wouldn't feel safe being in the same county as you worked. I'd hate for you to screw up, and then bite the head off of the person who told you so.

    and resq14, no, I'm not an explorer, and havn't been one for several years. but that's for asking, it make me feel so much younger
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    My dept covers 3 towns and aids towns around us. Some of us have lights so don't. All our guys with lights and sirens use them responsibly they don't try and set world speed records while responding nor do they blow through stop lights. When they are used the people around us don't panic nor do they get confused when they see a POV going one way and another going in the other direction. My community has the sence to realize someone has to drive the trucks and not all of us are gonna fit on them. So the closest go to the station and everyone else goes to the scene. Not to mention lights on POVs help a lot when ur shutting down the road, it tends to give people fair warning as to why their is a truck parked in the road and that they should slow down.
    Everyone says lights cause accidents and that we shouldn't have them but its not the lights, its who's using them. Just because some idiots find them an excuse to do a hundred doesn't mean the rest of us should be ragged on for using them when we use them safely, for multiple reasons, and when our community is smart enough to realize how to safley react to them. A lot of cops using lights and sirens go to fast or do something and cause accidents.... does that mean that every police car should be stripped of there lights and sirens.. no.
    As for the unprofessional aspect of it...I don't see how a truck with a light bar and in some cases, their depts emblem on the window of teir truck is unprofessional at all.

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    Almost 5 years later... Come on man. This one had actually buried itself.

    Round 2!

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    Why do people wake up a sleeping dog, or poke a hornet's nest with a stick?
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    Glad to see the "new webteam" is really sticking to their new rules and guidelines....
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    I for one think that if you are going to have lights/sirens on your POV then you should damn well not half-*** it. At a minimum, you should have:

    -2 full lightbars, on on the front of the roof and one on the back,
    -wig wag headlights
    -headlight strobes
    -tail light strobes
    -at least one, if not two oscilasers or mars lights on the front
    -one buckeye roto ray
    -A Federal Q siren mounted on the hood
    -air horns mounted on the hood
    -and an electronic siren with speakers on your roof.
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