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    Question fire inspector on 24/48 shift has questions for you

    Brother Fire Inspectors. Do you work 24 hr shift? I do. 24 on 48 off. Looking to swap info. with other inspectors doing same. I do code enforcement, inspections, fire investigations and public education. Please contact me at e-mail address if your dept. does it like mine. Looking for feedback as to pro's and con's of inspectors/investigators working shifts. Job may be on the line. Appreciate any response. Thanks in advance.

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    Fire, if you'll excuse me posting here (not an inspector), I would think code enforcement, inspections, & education would be hard to do after 5-6pm, and the mountains of work for the job can't be done overnight. It wouldn't seem fiscally responsible for the town to have someone in this position who can't perform a bulk of the job during half of a shift. I'd be interested to hear how this works for people. Good luck
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    There are plenty of occupancies that need to be inspected after the traditional 9 to 5. Having an inspector working the night shift could easily be justified if the jurisdiction has enough of them.

    That said, there's no way that you could be productive over the entire 24 hr shift so it seems a bit odd UNLESS the inspector position is used to bolster manpower on calls (in which case keeping up with training might also be an issue).

    I can see both sides on this one and it looks like a case-by-case situation as to whether or not it's reasonable.

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    Default Lucky you...

    I think the 56 hour work week is the best work schedule.
    You are lucky to have it. I love having the time off.

    The only down side is the 1-2 schedule. (pro-management
    plan) The 3/4 or 2/4 is schedule is soooo much better.

    Plus you get the FLSA pay! Keep it as long as you can.
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