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    Default Problems with Akron Deckmaster 3440 Monitors?

    I didn't find this doing a search so here goes;
    Has anyone else encountered poor performance and reliability from the Akron Deckmaster 3440 remote controlled truck mounted monitor. We currently have two that have been very unreliable from shortly after new in 2002. Both have been serviced by dealer mechanics and continue to alternate between poor performance and broken. Both are now o.o.s.
    The problems have ranged from;
    The monitors not being able to self stow to their bedded position causing the deployed warning light to remain lit. Manually rotating and lowering the guns by allen wrench was working for awhile but now one gun will not show a stowed position.
    Both guns have expierienced dead spots in one or both motors (elevation and rotation) causing a loss of control by the operator. Again moves could be made with the supplied allen wrench, but thats not what you should need to be doing with a remote control appliance.
    Of the six motors involved only the two driving the nozzle patterns have not been faulty. All four of the others have had issues of dead spots (loss of control) or have stopped working all together.
    These problems have occured both while using the pump panel mounted controls and the corded remote handsets.

    I am just posting this to see if any other dept has had problems with these monitors or if we got "lucky".......twice. I am not the contact person from my dept that is dealing with the dealer and manufacturer on these issues, just an interested observer looking for a trend.
    I am also not here to flame Akron, we have plenty of their other products that are flawless and I'm sure in the end this monitor problem will be resolved.


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    We also have two 3440 monitors, mounted on a pair of 2002 engines. Same problems, almost exactly the same issues. We have one in a crate to send back to Akron this week. Hope they can get the bugs out of them!
    R.A. Ricciuti
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    We have two 2002 and two 2003 Akron 3440 monitors. We have the same issues, but the main issue was the control boards. They would go bad every couple of months. The Akron rep said they have improved them since then. Our four 2007 Engines have not had any issues so far. I will keep you posted.

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    the only issue i ever has with several of them in service is a bad sensor with one of them, and that was when brand new. other than that, they've been flawless.

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