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    Unhappy Wanted: Info on Fire School Loans

    Help Me,
    I am currently going through EMT school in Florida, with 2 months left till I graduate, and I need to get into Fire school. I'm trying everything I can think of to get some sort of Student Loan for it. I have my physical challenge for St Pete Fire College in Florida on the 13th of November. School starts in January. If anybody has any hints or info on something that might help me please respond.

    Thank You,

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    How much is Fire School (there) should not realy be that much, I take it family wont help and you have no job or credit card or any thing to sell like a beloved bike or 4 wheeler.

    your other option is too find the lowest paying Fire Dept. in your area and try to get a job there you will have 1 yr. to get through school and than the employer will pay the tuition! I say the lowest paid as they are more likely to hire someone with out the FF cert. and have openings as people are always moving on to greener pasgers.

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    Dont forget the option of a personal loan from bank. The intrest would be lower than a credit card but the education will pay for itself. I also noticed Nikon in your screenname, assuming this means you have some photography intrests consider droping some of your gear for a while and buy new stuff once you get hired, thats how I funded my school, sold three cameras and bought three new ones once i got out.

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    Having completed fire school in Florida, I know this situation all too well.

    Option 1: Join a volunteer FD that will teach you the volunteer fire standards for free. After completing, you only have to pay for the 2nd semester at a local college.

    Option 2: Go to a college where they teach fire standards. I went to Brevard Community College in Melbourne. Although you can not recieve any type of federal grants for school, there are plenty of scholarships. I applied for one and received a free ride through school. All I had to do was write and essay and get three references. Not bad for a 1500 dollar education that boosted my annual income 6000 dollars.

    Option 3: I know as an EMT in FL without fire standards, you are basically screwed when it comes to employment with big departments. If you continue on and get your paramedic license(which you can get federal monies for)departments will bend over backwards to hire you. It is cheaper and faster to send a medic to fire school than vice versa.

    Good luck with class and your job search....

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    I have heard through one of the new hires at my department that you can get a HOPE grant for Fire school. You may want to try and do some research on the web (mabey google or a similar search engine) about that possibility. Good luck and have a blast at school. Its a hard course but you will have some of the best times of your life there.


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