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    Default Anyone see Inside Edition November 4th.?

    So I am sitting at my computer and my wife has Inside Edition on the television. The last story was video footage from the firework warehouse in Denmark. As the video ends Deborah Norville the shows host is laughing and says "neat". I really didn't think it was "neat" considering a firefighter lost his life in that fire and half a dozen others were injured. So it kinda ****ed me off and I emailed the show. I urge others to do the same and send a message to Inside Edition that maybe next time they need to know a little more before they run a story.


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    Pff...Inside Edition, what a flaming turd of a show. I posted a video clip of this explosion on here, the title of the post is "HUGE explosion. How do you put this out?" As for the host laughing and saying neat, it would be very rude of her even if that poor firefighter had not perished. Imagine how many people lost their homes, and the people who worked in that factory are now out of jobs. The family of that firefighter now has an empty spot at the dinner table. Im sure the host wasent the only one who laughed and said "Neat". In fact, im sure half the viewers were like "WOAH! Check out this explosion! HAHAHA! Its like christmas!"

    I have never seen anything that big. Ever. After the first flash, you can see the concussive shock wave following, mowing over houses and trees. Its HUGE! Its also an eye opener for me, because in our town we have a company that makes high explosives for...for something, but it could happen here as well.

    I suppose the appropriate thing to say to her would be, put yourself in their shoes.

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