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    Sometimes candidates get stuck in the journey trying to gain their badges. They often can go in too many directions at once, become overwhelmed, discouraged, and pretty soon could lose interest, be considered a part time hobbyist and NOT a serious candidate.

    Take this simple test to check how youíre doing in the pursuit in getting your badge.

    Are you subscribed to a service that notifies you when a department is testing? You can do that right here at www.firehouse.com Look at the tool bar right above this posting.

    l Are you taking every test you can?
    l Are you passing the written?
    l Are you passing the physical ability?
    l Are you preparing for your oral interviews (100% of the score)?
    l Are you passing the oral?
    l Are you getting conditional job offers?
    l Are you passing the psychological interview?
    l Are you passing the medical?
    l Are you passing the background?

    If you canít answer yes to all these questions, you will never see a badge! Wherever you answer no, you cannot go onto the next step to gain a badge. Where are you stuck?

    Once a candidate can focus on where and why they are stuck and not moving forward, they can gain the education necessary to get over the hurdle in front of them and move on to the next phase. The key here is to be ready for that next phase before you get there.

    Something that constantly baffles me and otherís is what keeps many badge less is they havenít learned the skill set to pass the oral board high enough to get a shot at that badge. Qualified oral board coaches see it first hand when they coach candidates. Sitting across from candidates the mystery is quickly solved why many candidates arenít successful.

    Many believe it takes quite a while to get firmly entrenched in the testing process and get a solid presentation going. Thatís only if you donít have the skills to know what youíre doing. They donít know what they donít know. The longer you wait, the further behind youíll be and you may never catch your competition. The time to start learning is now. Each day you delay is costing you valuable time and money.

    Case in point: A friend Donna stopped me at Starbucks. The Son of a family friend had graduated from a fire academy several months ago. He was having trouble getting hired. She wanted my card to have him call me.

    Donna had dinner with the family and gave them my card. Two weeks later Donna was surprised he hadn't called. She said, "My gosh he has had 10 interviews and he hasn't been hired. I told her that's not uncommon. Candidates coming out of fire academies are pumped up like Marines with their bulletproof academy T-shirts. They have been given mock orals, use 3X5 flash cards with oral board questions and answers, run these by their friends and think all they have to do is show up for the oral and the job is theirs. Many think their badge is just around the corner at the next interview.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob" Author, Becoming A Firefighter


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