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    Exclamation Watch out for leaf fires

    While I am retired, I still have an old Plectron in my bedroom. About 0400 this morning I awoke to the report of a structure fire. The address was for the house across the street. I beat the first due engine and luckly it was minor.

    He had been burning leaves in his driveway. Before going to bed he shoveled the ashes which he thought were out into a pile between his garage and the neighbor's wood fence. The fench caught on fire later and destroyed a section or two and a large section of plastic siding on his garage was melted.

    Lucky it didn't get inside the garage which is attached to his house.

    Sure wish we go get people to approve a no leaf burning ordinance but they seem to think this is a "God given right". We had one for two years but a referendum reversed it.

    Stay safe,

    Pete Sinclair
    Hartford, MI
    IACOJ (Retired Division)

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    Amazing how fast those suckers burn?

    If we ever have a "urban interface wildland conflagaration" in my area it'll be those damn leaves!

    Dry fall, windy winds, wow can the fires move!

    Now add in wood decks behind people's homes to give leaves a place to build up and few burning leaves to blow under...

    Brush fires in my town usually aren't much of a deal, but several Halloweens back we had one at 10 at night that took four departments from three different attack points to contain...we're pulling structural hose & stair-packs through the woods 300, 500' just trying to get ahead of the sucker. Later on we actually got back around to putting out the garage fire that started it all!
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    Here is my corner of the world, leaf buring is against the law. Of course there are those who do not obey the laws but get caught. I never did like burning leaves as that smoke really tore my sinus's and lungs up.

    Good thing you still had that old radio and it was set on alert I am guessing. Good job Brother!!
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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