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    Default County-Wide RIT?

    We're studying the feasibility of a County-wide RIT comprised of FF's from 5 towns which make up a County of around 35,000. Each town has its own FD.

    At structure fires, RIT members from towns not involved with the fire or providing direct mutual aid (or local ff-RIT where possible) would send their trained RIT members to the scene to standby. Issue - the team might not be assembled on scene for 15 minutes following the alert depending on the location of the fire.

    We're just getting this off the ground (putting in the alarm system before we get robbed) and asking for advice and comments on this plan. Thanks.

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    Initial thoughts...15 minutes for RIT to be on scene is way too long. Something needs to be in place sooner. Of the 5 towns, which one will bring a truck with the RIT equipment and how do the others know if it's coming or not? Why not have the furthest away company be the RIT itself and all cover each other as necessary? Maybe even designate the closest department as RIT so it's there sooner. Forward thinking is good. Keep it up.
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    for us if we get a structure fire it is the following

    our station and the next nearest station for 2 eng.
    next nearest from that for a truck
    RIT from a station that would most likely never actually assist us in that area so we dont deplete an area of all units.
    ambulance from the city

    we did it this way so on average, there would be 4 engs. one truck the RIT crew and a ambulance for the first alarm. we did it in a manor so that we always left at least one unit in each station we called for so they dont have to play the county shuffle.

    Oh and im with the guy above...with his comments, where is the "Unit" being supplied from and how does anyone know that there is "actually" somebody coming.
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    rapidintervention.com did a team profile on a county wide RIT in PA.

    It seems like it works for them. But yeah 15 min is a long time.
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    Default county wide rit

    Our county has 7 fire departments. The heads of these departments try to meet atleast once a month to go over RIT. We came up with this. Eventually we will incorporate automatic alerts for deployment of rit teams as soon as the initial alert goes out for the fire. Each department has equipment for RIT. We decided there was no need for the RIT to bring a truck. They could use the other departments equipment if needed. Now they are not to participate in the fire ground activities unless a mayday is called. They are to sit back and "watch". We are an all volunteer county(should have mentioned that first). So their will be times when some people may have to leave work to assist in the RIT. Thats the reasoning behind no truck. 15 min is a long time. I would rather have them on the way and be there than to have to wait on them. Pray we never have to use them.


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