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    Thumbs up Halo 2 Anyone?

    November has been a big month with the release of San Andreas, and now Halo 2, it came out today, and my mom dragged me to the mall with he to go "christmas" shopping, but i went Halo shopping. If you are trying to ind one and didnt pre-order it, you have to know where to look to get one. All the major video game stores had lines outside them waiting for people to get one, so i didn't want to wait in line. My tip to you- When ever there is a major video game comng out such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, or Halo 2, go to small distributors such as a music store like FYE. They carry them and they had alot. All the major stores were sold out and everyone was like "where do i get one know? Let's go to target or walmart!" Good luck there! i walked nto an FYE grabbed a game and was out in less than 5 minutes. Crazy GAME! So much cool stuff! Definitely recomend it if you liked Halo!


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    I never got into the Halo game and now that Halo 2 came out everyone keeps asking if I bought it. I hear its pretty good and that they are selling like hot cakes.

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    I bought the game it's pretty good. Being able to play online is fun so when your friends talk trash all day you can beat up on them when you get home

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