We have a choice to make in 2005. We will be selcting a governor. This time, we have a chance to elect one of our own.

John Murphy is a Morris County Freeholder. More importantly, he is an ACTIVE volunteer fire fighter with the Morris Twp. Fire Department. He served as Chief in 1990 and 1991.

During Jjohn's tenure in Morris county, he has fought hard for the emergency services. As many of you know, Morris county's Training Academy is one of the finest in the state. He has also been proactive in obtaining funding for fire, EMS and law enforcement's fight against terror. He has also been on the front lines in upgrading Morris County's communication system to a 21st century model.

I know John personally. Unlike many other politicians who claim a fire service connection, I have spoken with John at jobs when he was wet, cold, dirty and exhausted...just like the rest of us. He is the most genuine political candidate you will ever meet.

John will be a positive force in this election. I would ask you to please review his website and see how we can get a fire fighter into the Governor's Office in 2005.