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    Default Is this what they really think?

    I was looking around on the net and came upon this, is this what people think?

    Firemen Don't Have A Chance

    When the fire trucks are delayed 40 seconds in traffic, People say:
    "It took them 20 minutes to get here."

    When the truck races at 40 m.p.h., it's:
    "Look at those reckless fools."

    When four men struggle with an eight-man ladder:
    "They don't even know how to raise a ladder."

    When firemen open windows for ventilation to reduce heat in fighting a fire:
    "Look at the wrecking crew."

    When they open the floor to get at a blaze:
    "There goes the axe squad."

    If the chief stands back where he can see and direct his men, people say:
    "He's afraid to go where he sends his men."

    If they lose a building:
    "It's a lousy department."

    If they make a good "stop" folks say:
    "The fire didn't amount to much."

    If lots of water is necessary:
    "They are doing more damage with water than the flames."

    If a fireman gets hurt:
    "He was a careless guy."

    It a citizen gets hurt:
    "It's a crazy department."

    If a fireman inspects a citizen's property:
    "He's meddling in somebody bgproperties="fixed"'s business."

    If he wants a fire hazard correct:
    "I'll see the mayor."

    If he gets killed and leaves a family destitute:
    "That's the chance he took when he joined the fire department."
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    Who said thos was thunking.

    Daymn, we is gonna hafta change the hole damn departments attitude if the blimmin public has gone done started thunking.
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