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    Default VFF Community Involvement

    Does your VFF involve itself in teaching the public?
    Slowly but surely our Dept is getting it's foot in the door of the community. I have encountered a fair amount of resistance to teaching but I keep trying. So far we have hosted Kindergarten and Home-Schoolers visits, taught Fire Safety to the Grade 7 Babysitter's class, and presented a seminar to our local senior's about Fire Safety.

    What do you other folks do out there? What is the best way to go about providing this service? I live in an area where "God's Will" is the answer to my offers to provide information. I have often thought that a good comeback might be that maybe "HE" has sent me to help "you!!" I haven't used that reply because it seems so pompous but for the life of me I can't understand why people choose to ignore something that they can get for free; only their attention is required.
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    We do fire safety twice a year at each level of the schools (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, and HS). In addition to that, we offer station tours to anyone, anytime. We conduct a small fire safety class when we do our annual inspections of the seniors communities in town.

    Once a year (we rotate between prom time and graduation time) we do the Don't Drink & Drive class at the High School. We work with the state and local police for it, and it culminates in the car accident and extrication demonstration. We get one FF and police officer to be the "victims" and extricate them from the two car "accident". This works GREAT.

    Rookielz, as far as the school age public education, your best bet is to contact the local schools/school board. I am sure they would love to have you speak to their students.


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    Default Fire Safety

    We have built demonstration models with donations from the local Home Depot and other business'. We currently have a door with a heating pad inside it that we can plug in for the demonstration of checking a door for heat before opening and also practice stuffing towels or whatever under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room. We have a wooden "tunnel" with a smoke machine that kids crawl through for the effect of crawling through a smoke filled house. We also have a window mounted on a frame and show kids how to open the window and signal for help. We have a full size electric stove that we use to demonstrate the proper way to put out frying pan fires and oven fires. All this stuff is stored on a trailer that we take to a different housing development each week as long as the weather is warm. We pass out flyers a week ahead of time to that particular development letting them know when and where we will be. During Fire Prevention Week we put the same demonstration on at the station so people who may have missed it at thier particular development and also for those who don't live in developments.
    The local Wal-Mart was so impressed with our display that they have us do our demonstration at the store during Fire Prevention Week.
    We are not a big department. We have approximately 12 active Firefighters or better yet 12 who do all the work.
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    One of the Vol Depts. that I am a member of has a full size RV trailer that we use as a residence to "smoke up" and also teach fire safety to children. We started up the program a couple of years ago,
    an during the later part of spring and through-out the summer its in use almost every weekend or so. We set up the kitchen area and living room area with obvious Safety Hazards and have the kids find them and tell us why its a hazard. (more often than not we have to point them out and talk about why) But it is alot of fun and our community really likes whats going on with it. It takes alot of manpower thought to really run smoothly.

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