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    Post To F52 Westside from capton!!

    Hi Westside,
    Thanks for the info, What dept do you work for? Is Ann Arbor twp full-time or POC? I contacted Van Buren Twp they said you have to move to the city. I am Fourth on the list to Novi fire dept, so I do not know if its wise, to move from the area I am in now? P.S. Where is Augusta twp? I never even heard of a town such as that?

    Thanks for the help

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    If the Novi position is full-time, you shouldn't be required to be a resident when you're hired. The state ruled back in 1998 that municipalities couldn't require residency for full-timers.

    As for POC, you would probably be required to move within a certain distance of, if not within, Novi.

    When I hired on to Muskegon in '98, the residency rule was still in effect. Now, we have guys who live in Ludington, Scottville and even Grand Ledge.

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    Ann Arbor Twp is a combination department. They have a handful of full timers supplimented with about 20 POC. They are quite well funded, and train a lot. You'll get a lot of certs if you get on there. I believe they have a 3 mile rule (which means you can live pretty much anywhere in Ann Arbor north of Stadium Blvd).

    Augusta is in the south west corner of Washtenaw county. Not as much funding as AATFD.

    PM me for more.

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