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    Default Question regarding specifications for a new fire station for a paper!!

    I am a college student at the university of florida studying fire service and safety and need help writing a paper...i appriciate your help...I am suppose to design a fire station that houses a single piece engine and a parametic unit that also has sleeping and living facilities of up to 8 firefighter parametics. If your firestation is already set up like this or you are familiar with specifications or know where i can find specifications i could use your help. My questions 1. What dimensions should the apparatus bay have and describe the arrangement of the FES apparatus in the station? 2. What should the dimesions of the overhead doors be? 3. List all rooms necessary for the members staffing the station. 4. Since FES stations have to be all weather facilities, describe what equipment and design features are necessary for uniterrupted service. 5. Supply a short bibliorgraphy about yourself, where you work, what you do, how long you have been in the service...ext....thanks a lot...john

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    Lazy beach is right. Did you just type in the assignment and expect us to write the paper for you? Do you think you could
    actually do some of this research on your own? Do you think you
    could ask some intelligent questions of your own to get our

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    I am suppose to design a fire station that houses a single piece engine and a parametic unit that also has sleeping and living facilities of up to 8 firefighter parametics.
    OK, I'll be the first to ask...In what utopia are you going to have 1 engine and 1 ambulance staffed by 8 people? Not realistic in most fire departments

    Ron...go easy on the kid, I think he is asking some relevant questions for (I assume) someone who has been given an assignment and has no previous knowledge of the fire service.

    John, check out www.firestationdesign.com . Lots of good info there regarding things to think about when designing a fire station. I assume the final design will be up to you, but the site will give you lots of ideas, especially if you're not involved in the fire service and maybe haven't been to too many fire stations.

    Which brings me to another thought...Why not visit some of the fire stations in your area and ask the guys who work there? Most stations will gladly show you around and answer your questions (if they're not too busy). The guys who live and work there day in and day out can tell you best what they like about their station, what they don't like, what makes their station either a joy or a pain to work out of.

    To maybe take a stab at answering your questions:

    1: Dimensions of apparatus bay: Calculate how big the apparatus is, how big a bay you need to accomodate that, then go at least 50% bigger. Your next apparatus will probably be bigger than the one you have now.

    2: Dimensions of overhead doors: See # 1.

    3: If the station is to be staffed 24/7, remember that any function you might need in your home should be needed here also. Think kitchen, dining area, living room, sleeping area, laundry (regular clothes and turnout gear, separately), showers/restrooms. In addition, office space for administrative duties. Storage/shop area for spare equipment, tools, etc. Since you have an engine and a paramedic unit stationed here, consider separate sleeping quarters for the engine and paramedic crews, with separate alert systems (the paramedic unit will most likely be running way more calls than the engine...no sense waking the whole house up).

    4: A diesel (or even propane) powered backup generator wouldn't be a bad idea, although I don't know how many stations have these. Your station's service probably would not be interrupted by a power outage, but having the emergency backup would sure make it easier to cope .

    5: I'm a firefighter/EMT for a large chemical facility. I'm also a volunteer fire chief in my commuity. I've been in the fire service for almost 16 years now.

    Good luck with your assignment and drop me a line if there's anything else you need to know!
    Chief Dwayne LeBlanc
    Paincourtville Volunteer Fire Department
    Paincourtville, LA

    "I have a dream. It's not a big dream, it's just a little dream. My dream and I hope you don't find this too crazy is that I would like the people of this community to feel that if, God forbid, there were a fire, calling the fire department would actually be a wise thing to do. You can't have people, if their houses are burning down, saying, 'Whatever you do, don't call the fire department!' That would be bad."
    C.D. Bales, "Roxanne"

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    Default Thanks for the help!!

    This is my first semester venturing out into the fire services, so it is unfamiliar territory. I appriciate the help from Chief Dwayne LeBlanc, you were a lot of help! Thanks! Ron so you know... these were the specifications given by the professor. I was an engineering major before this and I too wouldn't build a firehouse like the specifications given. I am not asking for someone to do the assignment for me...I never asked someone to write the paper for me....but to write a paper I have to do research on the subject, which is what I am doing. I have been unable to find the information I need elsewhere and hoped to get it here. Even the website Chief Dwayne LeBlanc provided was exactly what I was looking for not for him to write my paper. I have written over 50 papers this semester already, so if I ask for help on three of them I think I am doing ok!! So Ron my advice to you is, if you have no advice to give don't reply and be rude!!! Just something I wouldn't do!! So try to get laid soon, so you can stop taking your frustrations out on other people!! lol Thanks again to everyone helping me!!
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    You may want to try Melbourne (Fla) Fire-EMS, who just constructed a new 3 drive-through bay station, housed with 1 Pierce Engine, 2 Ferra Fire Appratus Paramedic Squads, and 1 E-One Quint. Staffing is 1 Driver-Engineer, 1 Lt. and 1 FF on the Engine, 2 Fire-Medics on Squad(s), and 1 D-E, 1 LT, and 2 FFs on the Quint. However, with the need to spread personell out during the day, it is more often then not 2 on engine, 2 on 1 squad, and 3 on truck. Visit www.melbourneflorida.org for contact #`s, and good luck

    PS, if u need more info, or info about me, feel free to Email me at FireGuard69@yahoo.com)
    AJ, MICP, FireMedic
    Member, IACOJ.
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