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    hello all, this is my first post. i couldn't find anything on the process of how to become a FF here but if someone could point me in the right direction then it will be appreciated. i am currently in iraq with the 1st CAV DIV and i plan to separate from the US Army in approximately one year. i just want to know how to get to the fire academy, pre-requisites, after the academy, and whatever other info on the hiring process and being a FF anyone can give me.
    i am a medic in the army and i have my EMT-B. i am from central california and would like to go back to the area when i separate, are all academy's the same or does it vary from area to area? i am 24 yrs old right now and am very serious about becoming a FF.
    thank you

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    Default Yo...

    Hello brother-Californian! There is so much to tell you, but
    I only got a few moments.

    There are a lot of ideas and information shared at-

    Plus- That is a key place to get current job information.

    Second, there is only one website I know of that is dedicated
    to assisting the fire candidate where most of their stuff is
    F-R-E-E. That site is

    Lastly, here is a good starting point-

    Hope this helps some...

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