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    I'm trying to do a research paper for college on the use of CHEMPAK and first reponders, does anyone have any information on this or maybe some experice with this database? Does anyone have any links on this equipment that can give some detailed information?

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    I have not seen that one used for emergency response. It is better suited for chemical engineering. I donít think you need that level of detail for emergency response. The data youíre looking at is better suited for things like designing reactors and separations systems, which are well defined. We are called when chemicals get loose, so things are a lot more complicated and chaotic when we get there. You will have to make a lot of assumptions and approximations, so the additional level of detail youíre looking to capture in the calculations, using the detailed fluid data, will be lost in the shuffle. The best place for this type of data would be in preplanning, but the people who are most likely to do the detailed calculations on the process youíre preplanning are the engineers who are running the process.

    For physical property data, I usually use the NIOSH pocket guide and the MSDS. The only high end chemical database I have used in emergency response is Scifinder, which I used when someone blew up a compound that did not have an MSDS. I didnít have time to get into that until after we had stabilized the situation, and the relatively clean (air monitoring) patient was already at the hospital.

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