Becuase if you are then you do I have the team for you! First Responders is a clan created for the world's public safety officials. A Clan is a group of people who play together in various leagues and tournaments for online video games. We currently boast nearly 40 members total from all over the Country and Canada. We have been going strong for nearly a year now with no signs of stopping. Our members consist mainly of Fire/Rescue, Police and Military. We love our video games and are looking at expanding into other games. We currently support Halo 2 and Ghost Recon 2 on XBox Live, but are willing to attempt to launch a new division of the team in any game that has the interest of our members. We have plans to expand into all of the new games coming out in the next few months such as Splinter Cell 3, MechAssault 2, Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and more!

Please note that we value honor, integrity, good sportsmanship and fair play. We also place more importance in having fun over winning, but we remain highly competitive. Regardless if you're a hardcore fanatic (like me ), or if you're more of a casual weekends only type of guy, there is a place for you within our designated squads that exist in our various divisions. There is always room for advancement for people that are willing to put a little more work in, especially with all the games that are coming out in the oh so very near future. If any of you are interested in being involved with one of the most tenured clans in the world, please visit our website at for more info (it's missing the "i" in first, that's not a typo). Thanks for your time guys. Hope to meet some of you soon.

First Responders--Public Relations
"Saving Lives Offline, Ending Them Online