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Thread: Need Help

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    Default Need Help

    Iím new to all this so plz bear with me...

    I just became a fireman in May 2004; I am on a volley department In the Kalamazoo area. I have my FF 1and 2, Hazmat, Ice water rescue and my MFR... I also have a Journeyman Pipe fitter/welder and state certified plumber for the state of Michigan.
    Iím 31 years old and just a noob to the fire industry. I love everything about this!! I want a job as a full time, doing this for a living would be amazing, but I just donít know were to start. I have applied at a few places, never herd anything back. I even applied out side of the state and they tell me I donít have there state qualifications to be hired there. Excuse my language but wtf... How do I get a job in this buisness that I love so much. I see allot of post in here about not getting hired, will they hire a man of my age? Will I need to go back to school for another year? Make 30 k a year for the rest of my life?
    Plz help me if anyone can and thx again

    p.s. Plz all be safe out there, keep your head up and your pipe on!!!

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    Post Hang in there!!

    Hey Pot,

    Let me first say its very competive in the fire service.
    I am from the east side of Mi. And in Warren,Flint up to 50-65 guys
    had been laid-off that are now looking for Full-time fire departments.
    Secondly, its takes serious commitment. Fire service pretty much any fire department in this state will weed out any light-weights. I am Cert F.F. 1&2,HAZMAT opers trained, extrication trained, & State of Mi N.R EMT-B. I have been outta the Fire Academy for two years and I now almost looking at my first chance at being a firemen with a POC dept. I just passed physical ability test. Passed the Oral and the written test 11/26/04. Waiting to see where I placed and a phone call from the Chief for a final offer. three years later!! I've driven from far east too Pt. Huron, North as far as Lansing, and south as of Almost to Monroe, mi. Guess what the jobs are not there!! Sad too say, that there's more being laid off than Hired because of City Budget cut-backs. Thirdly, some people say get that Medic licsense. Most F.D's are going or already gone A.L.S. That's good, that's great to have its essential but, its not a for sure thing get you the job. Finally, hang in there man I know its stuff. I'm not there yet but, look how I have waited. I guess the one thing you have to ask yourself, the dream job you love, are you willing to wait years for it. If it means that much too you will you stick to it?

    P.S. Best of Luck to you!!

    9-11-04 N.Y.F.D 343
    "Never Forgotten"
    "Always Remembered"

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    Thx cap
    I'm allrdy p.o.c. . Are deptment is a small town dept. but we have some of the newest equipment and i.m.o. some of the best Fireman you will ever meet.I not kidding. These guys work all day and sometimes work all night helping out there comunity , We are on call 24/7 (no sit time scedual). Anyway i know its going to be tuff , in a sick kind of way im glad others are going through what im going through .Dont get me wroung i wish we all had jobs , but atleast i know its not just me its the buisness

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    no bones about it, you wanna go full time get your medic license. No way around it.
    Never Forget 9-11-01!!!!!!
    There wasn't just 343, the other 73 rescue workers deserve to be remembered too!!!!

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    get your medic....i am in the process right now...ive been out of the acadamy for 67 months now and have been on a volunteer dept. keep your head up though..i know how u feel
    9-11 we must never forget
    Thank god for the blood of heroes


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    I agree with everyone here. You medic license is the only way to go. I am also in the process of getting my medic. I read somewhere it takes an average of 3 to 5 years of applying and testing before most FF get a break into the career fire service. I have also been applying and testing for a while. But if you have patients hopefully it will pay off for you. I think to it is a hard time right now with all of the lay-offs occuring around the state. So keep your chin up and good luck.
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