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    Default Junior Fire and EMS program

    My department is trying to start a junior program. I am just looking for thoughts on limitations of what they can and cannot do. If anyone has a set of by-laws for this type of thing it would be great. Also does anybody think that grades should be part of the eligibility to stay an active member of the junior program. Thanx for any info you could give.
    FF Ulrich

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    Most states require the junior program to follow child labor laws requards to times they can participate according to age, what they can and can do in that age bracket, and so... You need to check on the child labor laws for your state.

    As far as grades are concern that would be up to the department to decide, there are pros and cons about that, but may want to give them an incentive for keeping grades up such as a department T-shirt at no cost or hat....or an officer of the junior program.. With out good grades you can't make officer.. Just some suggestions. When I joined my parents put that retriction on me, as long as the grades were good, I could go.. So you might not need to make that a rule.. Of course I was on the A/B honor roll..

    Hope this helps and gets you started...

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    I think what he ment by grades was ages groups not letter grades. Most posts I know are HS only, some are 16 and over others are 15 and over If it is going to be for FIre and EMS, i reccomend 16 and over, just because of the maturaity level needed

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    Grades (as in markings) are a great way to encourage people to keep up in their studies. School comes before the fire service. If you can't do well in school, how well are you going to do in the fire service?

    Grades (as in 9th, etc) work to get "around" a certain age group. I know a person that is 13, and in the 9th grade. I was one of them. So the condition that we have is worded "You must be atleast 15 atleast 15 years of age, and in or have completed the 9th grade". Something like that atleast.

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    Post By-Laws

    E-mail me and I will send you a copy of our Junior By-Laws and SOGs. Good Luck.
    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
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