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    Default Looking to take s130/190 training course

    I plan on pursueing a seasonal job as a wildland firefighter. I am planning to apply to a few different agencies, however I am looking to have my s130/190 training finished before I apply. I am not having much luck at the moment finding any courses.

    I am in Albuquerque New Mexico. I would like to be finished with the courses by mid Jan/ 05 so I can apply early enough to the FS and Blm.

    Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    How much does having the training improve my chances for getting hired with no experience in the field?

    Should I apply even if I dont have my training done by the end of Jan?

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    Go ahead and apply. The agencies have no issues in giving you the training. Some may prefer to train you to their ways of thinking rather than having to retrain you once hired. Having the training already may edge you over another applicant, but probably not too much. Don't let the lack of having the courses stop you.
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    Contact your local forest service and BLM offices. They normally have a list of classes that are offered in your area. If you do not get a class before you apply, mention in the resume that you are planning on taking it and when.

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    From the Southwest Coordinating Group (SWCG) website.

    If you are interested in finding employment as a wildland firefighter, it is best that you contact the Forest, Park, Refuge, etc for the location in which you would like to work. They will know of what positions are available, when they will become available, and/or whether new hires will be made for a particular season.

    For information on employment as a state wildland firefighter, contact the State Employment Office or State Forestry Office.
    I suggest you call the Arizona Fire Management Division with your questions. Ask them about upcoming S130/190 classes.

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    Contact your local US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian affairs, National Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife and / or what ever state or county agencies you have that deal with wildland fire. Many work with local colleges or high schools to provide ROP (Regional Occupational Program?) which is another way you might get S130/190, another benefit to this type program is they often look to the students for recruits and they have had a chance to see you work. Also some Fed agencies hire under a cooperative student program which may give you another shot at a job.

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