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    Default 12 homes destroyed in MD.

    this sounds a little fishy to me. Obviously I'm an outsider looking in, but it just doesn't sound right, perhaps its the reporter trying to lead you against the Sierra club, but...

    Maryland Fire

    Oh and I'm sure all the smoke and carcinogens that went airborne did wonders for their fragile nature area!!!

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    NJ posted this under the ELF thread, so you aren't the only one that thinks it is fishy.
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    I hope they catch the bastards that did this. Not only did they risk the lives of firefighters, which is completely abhorent, but they also give a bad name to sincere environmentalists who would never dream of setting arson fires. First of all, it's criminal and could kill people. Secondly, as a previous writer said, they created a whole lot more pollution with the fires. In addition to that, those houses will all be rebuilt with- guess what- more wood from more forests.

    Controversial development or not, there's no excuse for criminal behavior. As for the Sierra Club, I've been a member off and on for years, and they are a group that fights its battles in the courts. The above sounds more like Earth First (if they still exist) or some other radical group, like the one in California that burned up the SUV's at the car dealership awhile back.

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    I agree, this sounds like it has ELF written all over it. It's a shame these idiots can't see they are doing more harm to the environment by burning houses, SUVs, whatever......... Not only are you releasing all of the toxins into the environment, but you are also causing them to wate more materials like lumber and such because THEY WILL BE RE-BUILT!!!!

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    Its amazing how all these fires were pretty large, considering there wasn't much fuel (in the way of furnishings etc.) inside. Makes you wonder what they used as an accelerant. Of course synthetic carpet with some gasoline on it to get it started will produce enormous amounts of heat, but it looked (from the stage of construction the houses were in) that some of them may not have even been carpeted yet. What do you guys think? Any fire investigators in the house?
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    Question Well................

    Unfinished houses have a large amount of exposed wood surfaces, so Fire intensity and spread rates would be good (or bad, depending on how you look at it). Anything without Sheetrock applied would be gone VERY quickly. Problem is, whoever did this could not have had any concern for the environmentally sensitive area, since the pollution levels in the runoff water should be capable of doing great damage to it.
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