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    On December 7th 2004 the Daniel Boone Firefighters Association adopted the following position statement on the proposed ice storm recovery project. The Association has 34 member departments representing over 700 firefighters in nine counties.

    District Forest Ranger Dave Manner,

    This letter is being submitted in support of the Morehead timber removal and ice storm recovery project. We believe that your evaluation of the needs for a healthy forest have been proven. The added benefit of the salvage of these damaged trees and control of non-native invasive plants will be reduced fuel loading for forest fires. The forest canopy is open in numerous areas due to already uprooted trees and broken tops. Removal of those damaged trees will strengthen the remaining timber. This will allow for a renewal of the closed canopy at a quicker rate.This Canopy will help keep timber and leaf litter damp. We support the removal of timber debris from streams, if it poses a threat to the public safety or forest service property. Also any new roads or skid trails proposed will allow better access for firefighters and emergency services. Hikers, hunters and horseback riders heavily use the forest trails. Emergencies on forestlands are commonplace throughtout the region. Those same skid trails can be used on short notice as fire control lines. New ridge top ponds will increase the wildlife habitat for many species including the endangered Indiana bat. Those same ponds can double as water sources and safety zones for firefighters. A forest that is weakened by disease and insects is a hidden fire disaster. We support prescribe burning to reduce fuel loading when needed. The Daniel Boone National Forest without management will threaten dwelling and private woodlands, which intermix with the federal lands.In conclusion we believe that there is no detrimental effects with the proposed project and wish it to proceed uninterrupted.


    President Daniel Boone Firefighters Association.
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