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Thread: Goggles

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    Question Goggles

    Question for the hood ,

    Brotherhood that is. Do any of you have goggles or glasses/eye- protection that "never" fogs up in all your training and street events? If so, what are they? I have tried so many different "FOGGLES" it is ridiculous. Some I have been a little disappointed and some VERY, and some were just "OK". I have yet to find a pair that DO NOT FOG UP at all. I have tried the anti-fog goo on a few pairs with some success. Any good news stories on eyewear bro's? Help us all out here. I may have to get a pair for myself and wrap it for the holidays.

    Be safe.

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    Good luck! I have been down the same path as you. Best solution I have found is to fork out the $$$ to buy an "Assault" helmet witht he built-in goggles. There is enough air movement around them that they do not fog up. You just have to endure the harassment from your brothers and sisters for wearing a helmet that makes you look like "Marvin the Martian"!
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    I bought a pair of "safety glasses" from Home Depot for about $10. They have not fogged up in the year since I got them. I wear them in addition to my helmet face shield.
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    I have a pair of ESS goggles which do fog up regularly. I also have two pairs of safety glasses which I have in my gear at all times. Sure, the goggles look cool but they fog up and usually end up back on the helmet in favor of the safety glasses.
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    Hey Jordan, a few ideas for you. On my helmet I have a pair of ESS goggles that have a thermal lense in place of the one that comes with the goggle. The thermal is dual paned as opposed to a single, and can be ordered from ESS to upgrade your existing goggles. I have never had these fog on my during a call, but they have fogged during prolonged training.
    ESS also had a tactical goggle with a small fan in the upper housing. Expensive, but shouldn't fog. I say shouldn't because I haven't used the ESS fan googles, but I do have a pair of goggles from a different manufacturer with a micro fan and they rock. I can't quote the battery life, but I'm guessing 30 hours on AA batteries and no problems fogging ever.

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