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    Question Gas Detector Question

    Quick question for the board...

    Has anybody ever used the MSA Solaris Fire multi-gas detectors? If so, how are they in a non-hazmat company setting? I say non-hazmat because I'm looking for a good gas detector that is structural firefighter friendly. A.k.a., the firefighter who is entering a place in full turnout gear, with SCBA and wearing bulky fire gloves to check out a CO alarm or any other situation where the meter would be used. I have seen some models where the buttons are too small or the device itself is too small to work well while wearing fire gloves. If you know of any detectors that might be as good or better than the MSA, please let me know. Thanks.

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    Check out MSA's 5 Star Passport. A damn good unit IMO

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    Originally posted by E229Lt
    Check out MSA's 5 Star Passport. A damn good unit IMO
    I agree, we use on of these in my full time job, and I think it is very FF friendly. Turn it on outside, let it zero itself, and no other buttons need to be pushed.
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    Default Industrial Scientific

    Might also look at Industrial Scientific. We have used them for many years. We have 16 TMX 412s and just got a couple new ITX monitors. I handle air monitor maintenance for our dept. and these have been pretty bullet proof and easy to work on and have a lifetime warranty on the monitors themselves. http://www.indsci.com/

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    We have the MSA Orions and haven't had any problems with them. Very easy to use, easy to maintain.........

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    Two thumbs up for Scott's Scout atmospheric monitor.

    When we reviewed the models on the market, we ended up buying 4 of these.

    Incredibly simple to use. No bs with rechargeable batteries. I'd buy them again. They're a huge improvement over the models we'd used in the past.

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