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    Talking Prepossessing Pre-planning?

    Enough P's for ya??

    Preplanning is obviously very important, and is a topic that needs to be covered often in a department so that every firefighter will know their part in an incident, and know what needs to be done for certain types of incidents or in certain areas or buildings. Right?

    Okay, it's going to be my turn to do drill again soon and I would really like to do a drill on preplanning. BUT, what I won't do is a drill that I can't find a way to make at least a little interesting. We have several new members and I don't want one their first impressions of the fire service to be that everything will be as boring as hel*. I know that they need to realize that some things will be, but we've had like 3 sleepers in a row. Very informative for someone who's been around a while, but not planned to hold the interest of new or junior members. It's getting to the point that we need to issue pillows before drill...

    Does anyone have any ideas for an entertaining, or at least halfway interesting, preplanning drill? It needs to be something that will hold the attention of, and be informative to, everyone from the officers (officers participate in one another's drills too) all the way down to the new probationary members and juniors. What would you recommend for visual aids or entertaining ways to show the need for preplanning? Maybe even something that would build teamwork or get the new guys acquainted with existing members? I would like to not only make the news guys and gals aware of some of our preexisting pre-plans, but to inform them of what actually goes into preplanning so they can get involved with working on new and updating old pre-plans and not be totally lost.



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    Continueing with the p's:
    Power Point. 'nuff said.

    I roughly know your department from many late nights of talking and they seem like a group that is more hands on. If you sit there and do a "desk top" drill, justin will play with the lights,denny will go work out and sam will trade 113 for more soap.

    I would do a SHORT presentation. Tell them about the forms and the idea behind it, remember pre planning is about as fun as fileing taxes.
    Then after your SHORT presentation.......hand them the book and say.....justin find the PP for the school and tell me where the FDC is. Denny, where is the electric shut off in the phone building, sam where is the bag of marshmellows for the power plant etc etc.

    Better yet, give me a call......you know how I get when I start on pre-planning and professional standerds.

    Good luck and I miss ya bunka buddy
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    I used to do a 30 minute classroom presentation on doing "windshield preplans" and what to look for ... building size, use, occupancy, water supplies, electrical & gas meters, EASIEST access points, emergency egress issues and collapse potential .. and then split them into crews and have actually go out and do 2-3 with the apparatus and the formatted sheets. They would be saved and thn the next bad weather training night, each crew would review what they found. Some pointers:
    Keep the format simple ... rememeber they may be reading them
    while travelling to the incident.
    Stress diagrams.
    Make sure they use your ICS designators for the sides.
    Stress the firefighter safety aspects ... egress and collapse

    Just some ideas.

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    Make them do one of the station or something, thats how we did our last preplanning drill...

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    We have split up into groups. Each group is assigned an officer to make sure the goals are being achieved. Then, we send each group out with set of pre-plans (more if you have the plans and the times). They are tasked with visiting the location and attempting to confirm that the information on the pre-plans are still correct. As we know, things changed. We have found new hydrants installed, hydrants removed, chains erected across driveways and Knox boxes buried behind new shrubbery. After updating the pre-plan, everyone returns and we hold a group review of any changes noted.

    If we have a new construction that has not already been pre-planned by the Chief, one of the groups may be tasked with doing just that building pre-plan. The occupants are contacted ahead of time to make an appointment to visit and the group divides the taskes of identifying components needed for the pre-plan. They then return and work as a group to map out how we would deply for an incident at that location.

    Doing a fresh pre-plan gives a new members lots of opportunites to do things that they normally would not have done. Reviewing pre-plans also give new members an opportunity to visualize what whould happen if there was an incident at significant locations in the response area. The key to either is that the Officer in Charge needs to be mindful of the new members and make sure that member is given a task or at least assigned to a "buddy" to work with who will show him/her what is being done and, more importantly, why.
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