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    Post Jackson Discrimination Case

    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has
    upheld a lower court decision that the city of Jackson
    discriminated against a veteran white firefighter in his attempts
    to advance in rank.
    David Campbell, in a lawsuit filed in August, 2000, alleged the
    city and various employees, because of his race, delayed his
    promotion to captain and later his opportunities to train as a
    district chief.
    A federal jury ruled in Campbell's favor, awarding him $60,000
    in lost wages and $20,000 for emotional distress. The city appealed
    but the 5th Circuit said Monday the evidence supported the jury's
    Campbell, who joined the Jackson Fire Department in 1984,
    claimed that while his own advancement was stalled, black employees
    who were less qualified received promotions.
    Tony Davis, a former district chief, testified during the lower
    court trial that he was told by Fire Chief Raymond McNulty to take
    Campbell's name off a December 1998 list of those seeking
    promotions because he's white.
    McNulty, who is black, had testified that race played no role in
    any decisions on Campbell's training and promotions.
    According to the court record, Campbell presented evidence
    during the trial showing that he scored second highest among the
    candidates for promotion to captain and that he was promoted after
    four lower-scoring employees had been promoted, which guaranteed
    their higher seniority.
    "This group included a black promotee who as the city concedes
    would not have been promoted at all but for the two month delay,"
    the court said.
    Campbell also said he was purposefully denied more opportunities
    to train by working out of rank as acting district chief when a
    deputy district chief "invented and applied a new rule" that
    prevented him from signing up for the list to train for six months
    after he first became a captain.
    He said when he finally became eligible for the training, the
    rotation list was deliberately manipulated to deny him the

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    Good for him.
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    Management is making sure things are done right. Leadership is doing the right thing. The fire service needs alot more leaders and a lot less managers.

    "Everyone goes home" is the mantra for the pussification of the modern, American fire service.

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    it was about time. he had to wade through mountains of paperwork, red tape, and listen to various other types of harassment to get it done and he still hasn't seen a dime. the case is again being appealed.

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    Sounds much like the affirmative action lawsuit the Birmingham Firefighters fought back in the late 80's and early 90's. Good on him. It is about time someone stands up. A firefighter or police officer's color should not make any difference in the world. If you are not qualified, you are not qualified and that's that.
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