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    Question Need some opinions...Skedco Products

    A while back, I took a confined spaces rescue class. In the class, we used a Skedco Rescue Sked for just about every drill we did, and I fell in love. In my opinion, it's a great product and very user friendly. I have put some prices and info together and presented it to my department, since we have some confined space hazards in our first due. I think we will be purchasing at least one, maybe 2...but anyway, here's the question:

    What about the Oregon Spine Splint? In the Skedco video, it said that the OSS is the only product approved for use when the pt. is seated (as would be the case for most auto extrication). Have any of you had any experience with the OSS? Does it work well for auto-x and would you reccomend it?

    How about the Rescue Sked? Use it? Like it? Hate it?



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    Default My experiences

    The SKED is a major pain in the ***** to setup. While it can be used in many situations, there are better products available. And, you must use it in conjunction with spinal immobilization adjuncts. I've kept it on the truck just to have as an option, but it's never my first choice. They even sell flotation kits for it to be used in the water... I can't even imagine settting it up on a moving boat so that it could be deployed in a reasonable amount of time!!! And good luck getting it back in the bag without swearing...

    I'm a much bigger fan of the Reeves Sleeve: all set up, integral backboard and head immobilizer, lots of velcro, lots of straps, integral horizontal and vertical lifting capabilities... it's very easy to apply and use. It's also cheaper: under $400. Supposedly it's standard issue on Navy ships... take that for what it's worth. We keep ours ready-to-go with a 18"-wide longboard in it, though you can use a narrower 16" board.

    Remember that both the SKED and Reeves Sleeve are still going to be at least as long and wide as the backboard you're using with the product. For confined space stuff, I'd consider an LSP Halfback, or using a half-SKED in conjunction with a KED, OSS, etc.

    There are many variants of the Halfback, KED, OSS... some rated for lifting, others not. Also, you have your confined space stokes-type baskets.
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    We use them for Haz-Mat and confined space. I like them. They seem to work well. I do have to agree they are a pain in the *** to set up sometimes though.


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    Forget trying to flex or bend them in anything under 40'F. We have one and the "upstairs" people have alot more. They are rather bulky and seem to be a really good uni-tasker.
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