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    this may not be the most approptiate place, but okay. i'll be switching from city fire to wildland fire next season. i'd like to purchase a pair of sunglasses to wear during the day. when i'm not working i simply wear contacts and regular sunglasses. problem is that i cannot just wear any type of sun glasses because i have astigmastim. do any of you know a company that make a nice wrap around or similiar style of sunglasses for people like me? i'd have to put rx lenses in them. they don't even have to be wrap around. i'd like stay away from the ess ice ones if possible. thanks.
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    I have worked on a wildland crew for the last two summers, and I too wear contacts. I get Smiths sunglasses. We got a pro deal for them, which helps with the price. I normally get the kind with the removable lenses for several reasons. First being you can replace them when they get scratched, but also so I can put in amber or clear lenses at night. Several people I work with buy the glasses, then take them to their eye doctors and get the RX lenses.

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    When I was on bicycle patrol the department bought me a pair of Bolle's. You put a pair of inserts in them same as with the SCBA mask. Soon after that I has Lasik done and it became moot.
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