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    Default Hunting for EMS Management

    I've been working the streets for about ten years now, in just about every type of condition (rural, suburban, urban, NET, 911 charity hospital, remote medicine, dispatch, training/education, and supervisory) and am finishing up a BS MGT degree while trying to find opportunities. Can anyone offer suggestions on looking? I've kind of had it with large, private for-profits, I would actually prefer city, county, regional, federal, etc. type positions. However, I've come across very little in the way of employment sources. I'm not looking for a firefighter or field position anymore, but those appear to make up the majority of jobsites. The only site so far that has shown any promise is IAEM. Does anyone know of any others?

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    If you really want management, I would recomend continue on to your masters and work in the "field" a little longer while you do. Not that having a BS is not a good career move (did I say that right? BS=Good).it definitly is. But it wont let you walk onto a management position..at least not with a decently sized service.


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