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    Good day. I am looking to create a formal "junior ffr" program in my department. We have roughly 90 members, usually about 4 to 6 or so under 18 but years old voted on as probationaries (6 months)at any given time, an a few over 18 probationaries. We are struggling with the issue of allowing our "juniors" to respond on apparatus during a call (now they do) albeit they have no/minimal training. I recently inquired on this board and read the details of Chris Kangas story as to try to use his tragedy as a secondary reason NOT to allow it, primarily however because our SOGs for probies (any age) says they are not to put themselves into harms way during fire alarms. With them riding to calls, even just to watch, theyre being subjected to one of the most common ways we die today, riding to and from calls, to me THATS HARMS WAY! We have some, as Im sure lots of you do, who think its fine to "letm get experience" watching or taking the ems bag in the house or holding the door for the ambulance, or putting out some sphag-sorb on some fluids after a mva. And deep down, I bet thats extremely exciting to someone 16 or 18 hell maybe even 25, but I honestly believe we owe it ot the kids and parents of those kids not to subject them to the possibility of death or serious injury until they have training and maturity. I'm in charge of training for our department, a full time Captain of 18 years (paid, not as Captain lol) and very serious about training. We are very progressive and 75% high rent residential with homes averaging 5,000 sq. ft. Our training committee will meet soon to try and come up with a plan and thats where I'm looking for help or ideas to create a program with requirements and limitations for our probies, especially the under 18s. Do they need to sit in on our hazmat class or monthly ems con-ed if they're under 18 or should they be learning how to operate a hydrant or clean hose? Im also a live burn instructor and our county wont allow someone under 18 to burn in a burn building and 1403 wont allow it in acquired structures, so they dont get any inside fire. I would just like to ask if you have issues like this and how you resolved them. Thanks for your time. Come visit at: bayleaffire.com

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    Junior Fire Fighter policies as defined by Department of Labor and Industry
    Maybe this will give you something to work from ref. Under 18 members.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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