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    Default Has anyone heard from the guys in Iraq since the latest attack?

    I've been keeping up with the posts as I've been considering applying for the work over there, but this morning I saw that we came under heavy RPG fire and 22 people were killed. I hope all of our brothers are okay and that the numbers were over stated.
    If anyone get's any info pass it along!



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    I don't have any information except what was on the news, but you should really give it some serious thought before going over there. It doesn't sound like the soldiers or the employees of private contractors are receiving anything close to the protection they really need, for whatever reason. I know that some of the private jobs pay a lot, but that doesn't mean anything if you aren't around to enjoy it or if you are permanently disabled.

    What does your family think? It is really rough on the people left behind, so make sure you carefully think out that aspect, too.

    Also remember that there are a lot of first responders over in Iraq already. It might be that you would be able to contribute more by staying here and serving the folks back home.

    Whatever you decide, take care.


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