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    Default The roles of Juniors in a volunteer fire department

    ok, I appologize in advance if this becomes more of a rant, but I think it's because of a lack of understand that so often leads to the differing of opinions on topics between juniors and senior members.

    Before I say anything, I want everyone to know that I spent 20 months as a junior on my fire department, and 18 months as a junior on my EMS rescue squad. So I've been a junior (using the term junior to refer to anyone who is under 18 and on the fire scene and is able to respond to alarms). It's been almost 6 years after I started, I now have Firefighter II, my EMT certification since 1999, a college degree.

    As I have said numerous times before, junior members on a truck are nice to have, but not essential. a junior is there to help with exterior operations, and to function in a support capacity, and basicly do a job that would otherwise have to be done by an interiorly qualified firefighter. however, because they are not interior firefighters, and they can't function as interior firefighters, they become a welcome help, but the department would survive without them.

    A junior's job is to learn everything they can about the fire department and about EMS. They should learn the trucks, learn the tools, learn the SOPs, learn everything they can about the department and how it operates. That's right, juniors are there to LEARN. When they turn 18, and they take Firefighter I, they have the advantage over a newbie 18 year old, because of all they learned as a junior.

    A junior's job is also to be a kid. they shouldn't "live" at the firehouse. they should concentrate on their school work, and not skip classes to go on fire calls, or keep their pagers with them in HS to hear if the department gets a call. their education MUST come first. a junior should also spend time with members of the opposite sex. for the guys, that means real girls with boobs. spend your saturday night with a cute girl from your history class, not a bunch of guys who are married with kids.

    All to often I see posts about juniors leaving high school to hop on the engine or ambulance, posted about what tools to buy, shoudl juniors have blue lights, i got this blue light, what type do you have, what color/type helmet do you all have, do your juniors get radios/pagers, what should you do about yoru explorer chief when he does whatever, and the stupidest thread ever "I ended the school year the best way possible." and I say to myself why??????

    If I could give all the juniors on this board some advice, it would be this: find an officer that you like and respect. ask him questions. follow the two ears / one mouth rule. don't go nuts spending money on the FD, except for maybe a job shirt and two t-shirts. and be a kid. once you become an adult (which means you can legally smoke and drink), then you can be a senior member, and do all the things you've ever dreamed of. but until then, focus on school, remember to socialize with the opposite sex, and remember, what you do now will have an effect on you for years to come.

    choose wisely.

    I forgot to mention, no department should be using juniors in place of senior members when responding to a call. if your department says a full crew is 4 interior FFs, and you have a junior on board, that does not mean the crew is full with 3 interior guys and a junior. that means a full crew is 4 interior FFs and the junior. any department that needs their juniors to respond to calls have major issues.
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    i think its a little hard for a teenage kid not to think about the opposite sex

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    actually loser or not he said it pretty well... that whats i would say about a junior or pretty much say...
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