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    Question Training all FF equal

    I need a little help. I am Chief Training officer for a busy Vol Fire Dept. I have about 13 years in the Fire Service. We have 3 Female Prob. FF and also 6 Male Prob FF. They all have the same training program, same drills, etc. But it seems that the Female FF are upset that the males are getting certified faster. But from a training officer position. They are learning faster, really dont complain about training much, and do what they are told. I just want to know what other departments have done. I know this has happend somewhere before. I have planned in the near future to take the Female FF over to a big city department located near us to talk to a few Female FF and officers there. Hoping this will make them understand. If anyone has any input to this it would help out alot.

    A few things I want to say so I dont get bashed, we do follow FFII training, we do have chain of command, I am not against Female in the Fire Service, I dont care what gender you are, color, size our anything else that makes people different. I just want anyone who is a Firefighter to be able to do the job. Hope I can get some GOOD feedback from this, save your non-helping comments for another thread. Thanks again.
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    Well, all I really have to say is that if our training officer did what you are doing....................I would probably give him a high five.

    I dont see how some departments can actually lower the standards because someones gender, its ridiculous. If a female wants to be a firefighter, all the power to them, but they dont get special treatment because they are different gender. I mean, seperate bunkrooms and such are a different story, but to change the standards in which a firefighter is qualified to enter a burning building and such is crazy. Not for nothing, but if I'm going into an initial attack with someone, I need to know that if the **** hits the fan, they are going to be able to help me, no question asked. Regardless of gender, if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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    I also believe that this should not turn out to be bash session. I feel the same way, race, color, creed, sex, or sexual preference does not effect your job as a firefighter, more power to ya! I also believe that there should be one minimum standard that everyone has to adhere to. No special tests or two seperate standards. Now, with the disclaimer out of the way...........

    I was in the same boat as you are just about 2 years ago. About the same amount of experience and I too am on a fairly busy "paid on call" department(468 calls so far this year). We had 2 females start close to the same time, as well as 2 males. They all went through the training program together. Some excelled better than others, as all humans do. One female had a concern that the males were doing better than the females. I basically told her that I am not lowering, or for that matter, raising the standards for anyone. I told her to not worry about anyone else but herself and concentrate on getting through the training while doing the best that she can. Guess what? Everyone made it just fine, and all 4 of them are now good firefighters. In fact one female recently took over as EMS Coordinator for our first responder program.

    The moral of the story is for each person to worry about themselves and stop worrying about everyone else. With just a little bit of encouragement and some guidance, they do just fine. As long as you, as a training officer, treat each person with respect and don't play favorites, it should all work out in the end.

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    Keep up the good work. Fires don't care if your male or female. We all need to do the same job. Speaking as a female firefighter, do the job or find another. Keep very detailed records of training. Your records will do the talking for you if things go to court. Be fair to all firefighters; gender shouldn't play a role.

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    As a female FF/P I had to do the same training as the men. If I couldn't do something I worked hard at it until I could. I passed the FFII not by complaining but, by working my @$$ off and got certified the same time as the men. If you cannot do the job, weather male of female, then you don't belong in the Fire Service. There is so much at stake; my life, the FF's I have to work with and the people I am trained to help. Luckily, I work with a bunch of great guy's. If there is something I cannot do I get immediate training/drill and then have to prove I can do it.

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    I told her to not worry about anyone else but herself...
    The moral of the story is for each person to worry about themselves and stop worrying about everyone else. With just a little bit of encouragement and some guidance, they do just fine. As long as you, as a training officer, treat each person with respect and don't play favorites, it should all work out in the end.
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    WAY TO GO a training officer that cares and treats everone the same.

    I would like to offer a bit of advise that might possible help all your new members.

    First off: If you have a member that is falling behind whether it is alittle or alot try pairing them up with one of the members that seems to be catching on alot quicker. This could be a male/male male/female or female/female pair. One thing is that if a member can see that he/she is helping and making a difference thats what the service is all about both on and off the fire ground.

    Second off: It isthe department as a hole that needs to make sure that everyone is getting the help they need. Look for a senior member or someone that has just finished their training to help out. Some departments call this a mentoring program some call it just helping others and getting along.

    I run a mentoring program that we just started this last year and there has been the ups and downs but thats expected. We pair up new members with new recruits within the same companys,hobbies, and intersts. Your members are training the members they will be working with both on and off the fire ground and helping them get to were they need to be both in training and within the department hub bub.

    Good luck and keep up the good work.

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