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    Santa Brings White Christmas To South Texas
    Residents Amazed By Rare Snowfall

    POSTED: 9:29 am CST December 25, 2004
    UPDATED: 5:50 pm CST December 25, 2004

    VICTORIA, Texas -- A rare blanket of snow greeted residents of South Texas on Christmas morning. The area got up to 13 inches of snow, breaking snowfall records.

    "It's totally snowed over," Tawnya Evans, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi, said Saturday morning. "It's unusual to see that here."

    "A bunch of people are excited because it's a white Christmas."

    She said that the snow, which began on Christmas Eve, had area children out late building snowmen.

    The snow was expected to melt as temperatures warmed into the 30s and 40s throughout Christmas Day. Evans said that some of it could refreeze overnight.

    The Corpus Christi area, which got 4.4 inches of snow, was expected to warm up to a high of about 43, Evans said. The town broke a record for a snow event, outdoing the 4.3 inches that fell Feb. 14, 1895, she said.

    Victoria saw its first white Christmas in 86 years as more than 10 inches of snow fell. National Weather Service meteorologist Tony Merriman said the last time the area saw a measurable amount of snow was 1973, when one-tenth of an inch fell. That's the same amount that fell on Christmas 1918, he said.

    In southeastern Texas, Brazoria County got 13 inches of snow and Edna in Jackson County had 10-12, beating its record of 4.5 inches in 1960.

    Galveston had 3-4 inches of snow and even Houston got some snow flurries, said Charles Roeseler, National Weather Service meteorologist in League City.

    "I was surprised to get the snow, but it looks really cool," said Val Rayna, a dispatcher for Wharton County Sheriff's Office. About 4 inches fell there, causing several accidents due to the icy conditions, she said.

    Even deep South Texas had 2-3 inches of snow covering the ground, said Greg Flatt, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Brownsville.

    "I think it's pretty well a record across all of deep South Texas," Flatt said.

    With 1.5 inches of snow, Brownsville had it's first measurable snow since Feb. 14, 1895, Flatt said.

    "People that have been here all of their lives have never seen snow," Flatt said. "It's amazing to them."

    Austin del Castillo, 14, of Brownsville, was enjoying his first experience with snow. "My dad woke me up at 5 in the morning," del Castillo told The Brownsville Herald. "It was worth it."

    "It was kinda weird seeing the whole neighborhood under a blanket of snow," he said. "I didn't know how it felt. It's totally weird, but cool."

    Fabian Mancillas, a manager at Bennigan's in Brownsville, said Saturday afternoon that the snow was still the big topic around there, even though most of it had been reduced to "water puddles."

    "The snow's practically all gone," Manciallas said.

    But Flatt said that since temperatures had already climbed into the 30s by mid-morning, there wasn't expected to be much left by mid-afternoon.

    "Things warm up pretty fast around here," he said.
    Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    I heard about this on the radio this morning!
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