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    Default USFA Report on School Fires

    The USFA has issued an extremely interesting report on School Fires. A summary of the findings:
    H In 2002, 37% of all school structure fires and 52% of middle and high school structure fires were incendiary or suspicious.
    H Fatalities from school fires are rare, but injuries per fire were higher in school structure fires than non−residential structure fires on average.
    H The leading area of fire origin was the school lavatory.
    H Kindergarten through high school fires increased at the beginning and end of the academic year. School fires peaked in July 2002 due to a spike in elementary school fires.
    A with mostr USFA documents, it can be downloaded free of charge at:

    If you have never navigated around the USFA website, it is a very worthwhile task. Your tax dollars pay for a ton of research, studies and incident reports that are available to you for the asking. Yuo can learn an awful lot from them.

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    As someone who quite frequently finds herself in the USFA site, I agree with you. I continually find myself amazed at the depth of informaton that is available for free. Thanks for the post.

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